Lorne takes Angel to his family’s house, where Lorne’s cousin Landok identifies Angel as a hero. Views Read Edit View history. Gavin Park Michael Phenicie The second season of the television series Angel , the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , premiered on September 26, on The WB and concluded its episode season on May 22, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Goofs When Wesley, Gunn, and the rebels storm the palace, Wesley and a rebel grab a battering ram to break down the door. Full Cast and Crew.

Darla has been returned as the human she was before being turned into a vampire, which means that she has a soul but is now dying from the same case of syphilis that she originally had. Shawn was credited as a producer, though, through the end of season two. She saw Angel in his purest demon form and didn’t flinch. The rebels agree, but their idea involves decapitation. Over the Rainbow 08 May 8. Hayes arrived at the Hyperion to do an appraisal. Angel is attacked by guards as he tries to lead Fred to the castle, and when he tries to shift into his vampire face, instead he becomes pure demon and brutally rips through the guard’s body with his super-sized teeth.

Thankfully, the Deathwok clan could live through a beheading, until their body had been mutilated. We rarely get to see Angel like that, and I’m not sure there’s anything I enjoy more.

How much did Cordelia’s appetizer cost? Lorne is brought before Cordelia for judgment and he is almost sentenced to death, but Cordelia pardons him and then kicks him out so she can be alone with her future mate.

Four Reasons to Revisit the ‘Angel’ Pylea Arc, 15 Years Later

Lorne confirms his people have been waiting for one cursed with the sight that will save sexson all. The lady who purchased Cordy, Vakma, didn’t appreciate Cordy’s loquacious ways either.


When Angel refused to cooperate, Gavin threatened to contact the realtor and issue a complaint of noncompliance. Meanwhile, Cordelia vows to protect Gunn. After Angel was out of the camera shot with Landok, the audience heard Angel ask about his hair.

Lorne opened his eyes and spoke up about their vagueness, which caused ALL three men to holler out and jump out of the shot. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate.

I like Lorne being so agonized about going back. Audible Download Audio Books.

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Our favorite trailers of the week include another round of “Let it Go” and a talking Pokemon. Charles Gunn Andy Hallett Angel encounters an amorous Darla in his dreams. Cordy was on the far left of the group, watching as Landok went home to Pylea. But being on his home turf allows us to see a different, more dramatic side of Lorne, and Hallett rose to the occasion.

No, she’s here angell. Peter Petrelli is the man who can absorb powers on the hit drama “Heroes”. Instead, he undertakes a series of mystical ordeals in which he must ultimately sacrifice his own life for hers.

He tells her she and Groosalugg are just tools and she will do what she is told. Gunn and Wesley try to convince the rebels that they know the princess and suggest they use them to contact her. Willow Alyson Hannigan also appears in the episode in a conversation with Cordelia Charisma Carpenter over the phone. Tim Minear supervising producer, promoted to co-executive producer midseason and Jim Kouf consulting producer were the only writers kept on the staff. After an empty night of passion with Darla, Angel wakes up with his soul still intact and has an epiphany.


But, Groo told Cordy that he fought who he was told to, so this offers an inconsistency. Willow Rosenberg Jamie McShane From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wes and Gunn stayed behind to read the ceremonial books used by the priests to anoint Cordy as Princess.

This is all my fault. Trivia The hell beast that chases Cordy when she first arrives in pylea is the same kind of creature that Tucker uses to attack the prom in season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fred leads Angel to a cave where she has been staying for a long while. Studying to be a physicist before she disappeared, she managed to disable her collar and escape from being a slave, hiding out in her cave where she wrote her equations and theorems of how to get back home on the walls.

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Lorne discovers that his family still hates him as much as ever. Share this Rating Title: Gunn is hesitant to go when Wes says that they might never be able to get back to earth.

Angel meets a Swami to end his obsession with Darla. Pylean hugging his beastie: Cordy’s been transported to Pylea where they call humans cows and treat them as slaves and beasts of burden.