Bratgirl has come to confront my Rodolfo. Leoncerdo murdered Piedad’s fiance and kept Piedad and Luzma as virtual prisoners since. That was the only contact he had from Mexico. However, I can see and understand why he did what he did and in his mind thought he was doing the right thing by his sister. Abram noticed Dionicio became silent as he was explaining. That’s why Miriam didn’t tell Dan when she took out the life insurance policy, she knew he was sensitive about the money issue and being able to provide for her. Carolina – Thanks for the link to CdlF’s tango. He was obsessed with this idea later and for some time before the actual attack in the apartment, which was three years after the wedding.

She insists and he instead asks her to be useful and go get his breakfast. Nobody breaks up with me. Well then deal with the consequences! My favorite scene last night: I have long ago noticed that when the Albarans talk about their parents and when Ximena and Camila talks about Gussie. Did her mother pierce her ears before abandoning her at the orphanage? He may be able to provide all the material needs but he will never be able to give her love. By then it’s too late:

Elsewhere, Dionicio confronts Amanda! It’s her honeymoon and she can do whatever she wants. Pablo surprises his little cachorrito by bringing Refugio. UA – so true, I have heard that throughout it episodde seems childish when Yago does it in this scene. Mariano holds him back and convinces him to allow him to go along.

Daniel converted to Judaism.

He looks like a broom barfed on his head. If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. Hopefully she’ll leave Pablo alone, since he’s already married, and set her sights careful, NG on Iago – let’s see how she handles Bratgirl.


I watch Cuidado in the morning and I couldn’t help get crazy about the character “Cande” the woman who took care of Marichuy. I also think that Miriam is Abe’s last blood relative. Who knows what the director for that scene had in mind, but I too, thought it was pretty tame.

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Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless! There is potential to go down that road as well. He didn’t have a date at the wedding or she would have been “introduced” somehow. I marvel at you recappers and commenters on how much you recall, especially on past novelas. If Daniel has enough time to think about Dante’s report about an inability to find a grave, he’s going to be asking himself a lot of questions.

When Dan couldn’t find work and didn’t have money because of his mom’s bills, all of the old suspicions came back.

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But that may be just us. Paquita, thanks for this lively and very entertaining recap.

The honeymooners continue their sightseeing through town and also a river cruise. Wednesday, January 30, at Wednesday, January 30, at 3: So Abe was able bravvio call Dio’s home office phone the other day and leave that message, and Dio called him back. They begin to smooch and her fingertips are covered with chocolate when she puts her arms around him — oooh very kinky.

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Even Ana looks older and more mature. Thanks for the recap Paquita.


UA had predicted this earlier but Abe is seemingly becoming more and more creepy. Piedad interrupts with some rancho business.

His conversation with Dio hinted at him trying to make amends …. Pull and let go. He finds her alone and demands to know how she dared tell Camila and Dan they had once been married! I have long ago noticed that when the Albarans talk about their parents and when Ximena and Camila talks about Gussie.

This makes him a patsy for whatever El Diablo is planning now. Actually, figured Iago would be the one to tell him the minute the family found out Pablo might not be an Alberran. After all, they left Agustina with that Dionicio! Amanda reminds him that she warned him to stay away from her daughter! I rarely, if ever refer to my mom as ” mom” or “our mother”.

The only reason that comes to mind is that his sister loves him and that sounds way too much like the tongueless guy in jail. Stupid of Caye and Mariano not to suspect he would, considering the way he’s been acting. Makes the most sense to me from what we’ve seen and heard so far. The honeymoon [some amplification to a scene I enjoyed].

Moreover, he became what he is accusing Dan of being when he would not listen to reason and arrested him falsely.