Chapter 7 Service And Parts Never service the controller or sensor unless power has been removed from the controller and sensor, and the sensor has been allowed to cool for at least one hour. Connect aspirator air to the aspirator air inlet on the sensor see Fig- ure This will indicate as a beep after the system restarts after releasing the reset keys. There are no operator-serviceable components inside the WDG system. The Oxygen Measuring Cell There are no operator-serviceable components inside the WDG sys- tem.

Exhaust Tube Installation If flow is indicated when no solenoids are ener- solenoid is stuck gized, a solenoid is stuck open. Adding An Option Card Close-coupled Extrative Flue Gas Analyzer Page 13 WARRANTY AND CLAIMS We warrant that any equipment of our own manufacture or manufactured for us pursuant to our specifications which shall not be, at the time of shipment thereof by or for us, free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service will be repaired or replaced at our option by us free of charge, provided that written notice of such defect is received by us within twelve 12 months from date of shipment of portable analyzers or within eighteen 18 months from date of shipment or twelve 12 months from date of Box Heater Diagram General Wiring And Conduit Requirements A sample is drawn from the process stream by means of an air-operated aspirator and is immediately returned to the process.

With this analyzer, you can monitor oxygen and combustibles for maximum fuel efficiency.

Chapter 5 Calibration Ac Power Checks System Messages Indicates that a system verification is in progress. Common Operator Gaas – severe thermal shock can be destructive to either of them.


Gs Safety Summary Displays combinations of oxy- gen, ppm combustibles, methane, time and date, cell temperature, user-pro- Display grammable text, thermocouple mV or cell mV. Display Display Define what information should appear on the top three 3 display lines of the control unit.

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Zirconium oxide cell principle of operation. Track during Thermmox Hold during Verify After you select one of these options, your choice will monior confirmed on the display Zero Gas Range Error Overview Of Alarm Functions Overview of Alarm Functions Define whether Alarm 3 activates based on oxygen levels, the start of a calibration, or the start of a verification Select Function. Current Output Connections Replace the solenoid valve, being sure that the solenoid O-ring seals are properly positioned.

Don’t have an account? Chapter 3 Installation Combustibles detector replacement Hot-Wire.

Shut off your calibration gases open: The time when the calibration or verification was completed will then ap- pear on the display: Alarm Contact Connections If you have the auto calibration card option and a remote calibra- tion unityou will be prompted to select Auto Calibrate, Remote Calibrate, or Manual Calibrate. Set Current Mode Display Select info for 200 Line 2.


Sensor If the oxygen partial pressure moitor one gas is known, the voltage produced by the cell indicates the oxygen content of the other gas. Alarm Contact Connections Oxygen Alarm connections are configurable in software to activate under a variety of user defined conditions, and are labeled as follows: Combustibles And Methane Card Leds Air or from 1.

Choices are,and baud. Connect aspirator air to the aspirator air inlet on the sensor see Fig- ure Leaks can lead to inaccurate readings, especially if operating under a sig- nificant pressure or vacuum. This will indicate as a beep after the system restarts after releasing the reset keys.


Mounting dimensions for the hinged style enclosure, includ- ing the Z-purge option, are provided in Figure Set Time And Date These values are referred to in this section as setpoint values. Page 78 Even though the unit monitot calibrated at the factory, the analyzer must be calibrated again after installation.

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Once the analyzer is calibrated and the combustibles signal is in the normal range, the display lines will show the correct reading. General Troubleshooting General Troubleshooting Your system may pass calibrations, yet still seem to be reading incorrect oxygen levels.

Page Which type of calibration the unit is in: Removing An Option Card Note, however, that if you are installing the probe heater or exhaust tube, you must connect these items to the sensor before mounting the sensor. Environmental Information weee Page 57 Figure General Wiring And Conduit Requirements The Oxygen Measuring Cell Inspect Shipping Contents Hot Wire Type Combustibles The gae character can be used to determine where the data is stored internally to the analyzer and act accordingly.

Exhaust Tube Installation Option Card Installation