Camel Rider Sanj Surati Chief leather worker Cathryn Avison After the Genie is released from the lamp, he later gets both Aladdin and Abu out of the cave. Proof, Inc Joaquin Ludewig Of course, he was still required to grant Abis’ three wishes. That evening, while Abis was drawing water from a well, his gang decided they hated and despised their idiotic, double-crossing boss so much that they wanted to kill him. He appears in “Genie Hunt” and “The Hunted”.

Twenty years before the episode “Garden of Evil”, the Sultan picked a flower for his new bride, angering the garden’s owner, Arbutus. He is voiced by Jonathan Freeman. After Mozenrath double crosses Eden and finishes making the stone, he is double crossed himself by Khartoum, a sorcerer trapped in the Book of Khartoum. The animators filmed monkeys at the San Francisco Zoo to study the movements Abu would have. Otherwise, Dhandi’s last wish wouldn’t be fulfilled. On his way to the palace, he nearly hits two peasant children with a bullwhip when they get in his way, but Aladdin intervenes and insults him.

Effects Artist Vimal Raj Mohan The only reliable evidence is from the mysterious blind magician Phasir, who appears in few episodes of the series and who seems to have some history with Mirage, though it is not expanded caat.

Amin Damoola voiced by Jeff Bennett is a clumsy, cowardly, and incompetent thief, who appears in four episodes. The plan works, to an extent – Cassim is confronted by Aladdin, and the two fight, both unaware of the fact that they are father and son. He appears frequently as an antagonist in the Sega video game Disney’s Aladdin where he is usually to be found flying at a high level, although he is easily dispatched and de-feathered with one blow from a sabre or thrown apple.

When Aladdin romances Jasmine during the song “A Whole New World”, it plays a key role as it takes them on a romantic flight. He is known to eat living and sometimes small animals such as a moth.

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A New Tradition”, page In the first, he saves Aladdin’s life after Razoul throws him in the ocean, and in the second he saves Aladdin from being beheaded by Razoul after he was duped into believing Aladdin had murder the Sultan, and been sentenced to death by Princess Jasmine—who was actually Jafar in disguise.


Unfortunately for her, Aladdin escaped and managed to reach the Oasis.

Industrial Light and Magic Mathew Monro He looks like Aladdin, but his personality is different. Barro Maryam Soumare Dahan The treasures hoarded inside the cave are used to test those who are worthy to enter as touching them will also cause the Tiger God to eliminate them as well.

He also attempted to capture the Genie several times so that he could tap his magical energies and use them for his own purposes. In subsequent appearances Mozenrath often loses interest in his plans as soon as they are defeated and does not attempt to kill Aladdin after their battles have ended.

She works as a teacher at the Royal Academy.

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It’s job is to protect the Genie’s lamp and give it to those who are worthy while eliminating those who aren’t. Then he razkul to the thieves’ lair, and convinces the remaining thieves who evaded capture that it was actually Cassim who gave up the location of the hideout, despite the fact that the 31 thieves already know that Sa’luk is the one who sold them out.

With their newfound powers, the three of them go on a crime spree in Agrabah, eventually setting their eyes on conquering the city and razouo revenge on Aladdin for causing them to be trapped for many years, and in Fatima’s case, for turning her into a monster.

One of Us Jay Wren All of his wishes backfire or come undone, and he is defeated once again. This page was last edited on 25 Februaryat Proof, Inc Abel Milanes Sa’luk then says to the other thieves that they must kill Aladdin for knowing the location of the hideout. They eventually return to the temple where the Destiny Stone was held, where after a cash conversation with Princess Jasmine, Minos and Fatima, who have mutual love for each other decide not to kill Aladdin, which causes Aziz to turn against them and attack them with his magic breath.

After Aladdin helps Cassim escape the dungeon, and comes back to accept the consequences for his actions, the Sultan prepares to punish Aladdin in anger for freeing Cassim, but the Genie and Princess Jasmine come to his defense, stating that razouk he wanted was to give his father a second chance. Proof, Inc Alex Belgeonne In a spiteful rage, Saluk reveals the location of the thieves’ hideout to Razoul, in exchange for ccast from prosecution.


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Unlike Jafar, Nasira was most likely born with her magical powers. The animators filmed monkeys at the San Francisco Zoo to study the movements Abu would have. aaddin

Prisoner 1 Kevin Matadeen In his last episode he was working for Mozenrath, and failed him; Mozenrath had given Amin a choice: He is later seen at the end of the film, again requesting Aladdin to become his vizier. It is possible that she intends to kill Aladdin and his friends and then take over Agrabah or the world ; she certainly attempts the former several times; however, she is called “Evil Incarnate” during the course of the series, and it is possible that all of her actions are motivated simply by malice.

Assistant to Guy Ritchie Rajneet Jabbal In Disney’s Aladdinthe Tiger God’s words are shown on the screen but are not heard and a total of three levels are set in the Cave of Wonders, both when it is dark with some treasure visible and after Abu has touched this treasure and the player is shown surrounded by lava and needs the carpet’s assistance to escape. Dejected over his rejection of her in favor of Jasmine, she subsequently fell into a cavern where she made contact with the Witches of the Sand, who taught her various magical spells that featured sand as part of the incantations.

Since the staff flew off to where the Vanishing Isle would appear and didn’t reappear after the Oracle vanished, it’s highly plausible that showing the location of the isle a,addin its final task.