This time, Sheikh Al-Dao’or was threatened with a gun in his head88, but again he voted against this thug’s government, he was the only one to vote against it. This Sheikh, who has kept his promise to Allah, is still waiting for Allah’s promise and near establishment of Khilafah State, insha-Allah, under the Emirship of our Sheikh and Emir Ata bin Khaleel, may Allah protect and safeguard him. This was overcome by assigning new leadership members to replace the ones who pulled out. Our Shabab had faced, and are still facing the torture by rulers and harms by people, they were chased and fired from their jobs, but they never leaned in front of a tyrant and they never bowed to anyone but Allah; whoever stood fast of them of course, and those are so few, while many of them dropped out and failed when the tree was shaken, or during the ordeal of sticking to principle. Do you know that we used to wake up early in Page 81 of the morning to get the privilege of carrying the jug of Wudu77 for the sheikh? Saheb Al Saadah is an Egyptian Comedy show starring Adel Imam and showcasing the life of a retired man named Bahjat within the latest political situation. In such situation, the meaning of sitting must be explained to people, where it means those who don’t get engaged in the work to establish the Khilafah State; the fardh of fardhs. The conflict with people and other ideas became stronger, where the opinions of the Hizb were dominant.

This magnificent march kept the emotions high and the enthusiasm strong in the Shabab, and people started to look forward to the weekly commentary without patience, even if they disagree with it totally, which means that it started to interact with the Ummah. Also, when the perished king of Karak97 — hussein bin talal— conspired with crusaders to make Al-Quds an international affair, he gave the pope a gift, a whole mountain in the strategic area of E’eezariyyah, one of the districts of Al-Quds, to construct a huge church, the Hizb started to instigate the landlords to foil the royal-papal gift, and there was nothing to stop the plot but having a mosque in the location. Nimr Al-Masry, Attorney Mr. Page 57 of Hizb from one country to another, the leadership members asked for the exemption of Syria from being subject to the Hizb’s work, to be safe haven for the leadership. Sheikh Taqi-yuddin then joined the high school of Al- Azhar in the year and passed with exceptional success to get the “Scholarly Certificate of Strangers” When they tried uselessly, one of the Shabab who was known with his roughness stood up wanting to ask a question. A group of ex-members of the Hizb, who betrayed the Hizb and tried to dismantle it by claiming that their Pledge to the Hizb and its Emir holds no more. When the arab union was established between Jordan and Iraq, as a response to the unity between Egypt and Syria, ebraheem hashem was appointed prime minister of the union, maybe because he was too old.

Al-pasha is the master of the reckless journalist; hashem al-saba’, editor of al-sareeh weekly newspaper, which al-pasha used to use indirectly to attack Hizb ut-Tahrir and disgrace Sheikh Taqiyuddin An-Nabhany.

They established the constitutional patriot party and had al-meethaq newspaper, which was accustomed to slander His Eminence Sheikh An-Nabhany. The matter of fact is that their presence in the parliament wasn’t any different from the presence arad any marginal member. This time, Sheikh Al-Dao’or was threatened with a gun in his head88, but again he voted against this thug’s government, he was the only one to vote against it.


Issuing the Launch Point leaflet and attempt to address the Ummah.

Rather, it worked as much as it can to allow simple persons, laymen, workers and labors to its ranks. The jewish israeli sarah amram disclosed later on in her book an israeli woman in the hashemite kingdom of jordan that she was working, before getting back to Al-Quds with the aid of Page of international inspectors, as a secretary to al-pasha and al-sareeh newspaper. When the restrictions and pressures started on the Hizb and its members in Jordan, and such actions started to spread against the 64 Shura can be roughly translated as Consultation.

Only Sheikh Al- Dao’or won. The reason of mentioning the first three names wasn’t to exclude others, rather to pull attention to their stories that I’d like to mention. May Allah rest them and forgive them. All these incidents and other similar ones inflamed the sympathy of people, that “abdul-naser” reached the stage of being called “the worshipped by people”70 that some persons reached the stage of confusing obeying and loving him with worshipping Allah.

Page 48 of Episode 4 War against Classes I must pull the attention to the fact that Hizb ut-Tahrir has contradicted all other political and intellectual organizations in the Islamic world, even in the whole world, in its way to allow individuals into its ranks, where it fought “society class differences” in its structure, thus not limiting its Dawah to educated persons, diploma holders, celebrities and society leaders, whom it tried its best to call.

I don’t know if Al-Shafii had an effect on him, but I heard later on from one of the Sheikhs that he used to like the book “Al-Moghny Wal-Sharh Al-Kabeer” for Ebn Qodamah, and that he intended to give it special spot within the adoptions of the State when established. This young man was one of my best friends in schools, and it was difficult for someone like him to be close to any one. We heard that he was released, thus we went to visit him to congratulate him in his office.

The number of Shabab who were sent to this prison is agaf. And I bear witness to Allah that I still consider myself the most ignorant among people, and because I am fully aware of my ignorance in this regard, I tend to escape from anyone who I learn to be more ignorant than myself, not to become more ignorant.

The path and methodology of the Hizb is outlined in its book “Partisan Massing”, and when it was at the end of its attempt to address the Ummah, it issued the leaflet ql “Entrance rpisode Society” explaining in it how to enter the society, and how the state is established and the power is shifted. Page 71 of becomes stable and clear with no residuals of whatsoever. The first interest that was adopted by the Hizb was the visit of pope of vatican to Al-Quds in the years of s — I don’t recall the year exactly — where the Hizb exposed the real target of that visit, which was making Al-Quds an international affair, and the Hizb decided to foil this american plot by all means.

An example of this is the late elections of the evil palestinian legislative counsel; parliament, and what was done by a group of people who were totally convinced that participation in such elections in forbidden in Islam, still they voted with the excuse that electing the good is better than having the corrupt winning, and is less harmful. The second book of the Hizb was the booklet of “Bases of Rise”35 for Dawod Hamdan, and during the same year the booklet of “Concepts of Hizb ut- 34 Shabab: The word Abu means The father of.


Thus, the Hizb brought good number of workers and arad and they started immediately in the construction of a very small mosque at the top of the location.

He authored forty eight 48 publications.

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Page 22 of punishment court in Lattakia27, then in Jerusalem28, then of law court in Beirut Abdul-Qader Zalloum “Abu Faisal”, the author of “Oman and the Seven Emirates”, as he had learned military works during his engagement in the team of “Najjadah” that was part of the Holy Jihad against the Brits and Zionists. One day the infamous Marshal ruler of Jordan, the thug hasan al-kateb visited the prison of Al-Khaleel, and the custom in jail that when famous governmental figure visits, jail manager abu saleh samarah or his deputy fareed al-jeyosy: He worked in the field of Sharii education in the ministry of education until the yearwhen he moved to practice the Sharii judicial profession.

In this occasion, I mention the sheikhs of evil; members of so-called “islamic scholarly committee”, who obeyed general john globe and disobeyed Allah SWT, those evil persons who feared john globe and didn’t fear Allah SWT, signing on the law with their names without being ashamed.

I recall that sheikh ghosah interfered to convince the king not to jail the Sheikh because he is so araff by people and jailing him may inflame their feelings, and so happened. In such situation, the meaning of sitting must be explained to people, where it means those who don’t get engaged in the work to establish the Khilafah State; the fardh of fardhs. Dear Brother Awadallah, Assalamo Alaikom Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh, I am glad to read this documentation of history that is necessary for us and the coming generations.

This solidify what the Hizb has stated, regarding not caring about what others want, like, desire, wish, or accustomed to.

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Epixode was one of the spiteful persons towards Hizb ut-Tahrir. Many of them couldn’t feel or touch that the Hizb is moving forward with giant steps, as it was apparent that the Hizb: When his book “The Message of Arabs” is inspected, which was a memo presented to the cultural conference of the arab league being held in Alexandria, Egypt, in Its members are well-known with their rudeness, dullness, stupidity, roughness and extreme love to the ruling regime.

The conflict with people and other ideas became stronger, where the opinions of the Hizb were dominant. The Works of First Phase No Way to Compare Thus, Allah got me to accept to go, without even knowing the guy’s name. Thus, sensitivity was required in order to strike the relationships. Page 41 of person; I cannot recall his name