It also makes sense, seeing how the Death Ant Empire denizens are all human-ant hybrids, and you know how much ants love sugar. The best guess is he spent part of that time unconscious, and for his final conscious moments, he mustered up all of his will to live for the sole purpose of wandering around to find Mera. No yakuza corruption, no forced prostitution, no tribe brutality. I thought Utano had won in episode 5 , but Hashim took the lead in episode 7. Sound was a little off at spots, and the animation really was kind of mediocre at some spots. It varies within the current series.

Rabu Romansu da yo! Specifically, the part hiding the Great Bronze Bell. Everything else, I accepted and enjoyed, all the way down to the final fight scene. It went back and forth. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But even if they do forget it in their minds, the battle will never be forgotten in their hearts.

Not even a dungeon inside an abandoned hospital counts. The monster can also defy the laws of physics and breathe fire much to rabugd annoyance of one of the Build Base soldiers killed by it.

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Once they do finally catch up to Aiahori, Kai decides to make things a little crazy and lightly rear-end him just to piss him off even more. Most likely trying to get his attention, I assume.

After being denied several times, they just decide to force their way in, continuing to use their guise as a means for their hostility. But some series, however, have a set number and end after the one season. For an ecchi series, it was unlike any other, springing to life the concept of heroes seen as villains and vice versa.

As for Ikima, he gives up his life and becomes one of the many evil spirits sucked up within the Great Bronze Bell to help give Himika the powers of a god. As it turns out, the secret room where Utano was, as you might have guessed from the picture above the picture above, was actually gefou room where GigAnt keeps all his riches.


And with that, the two draw swords and clash with one another. Skunk eventually runs into a group of his fellow Skunk Empire soldiers, ordering them to gfdou those who are tailing him. They encounter their first group of Army Ants closeby to an elevator that will take them up to the level where Utano most likely is.

In the meantime, Himika uses her newly acquired powers to also absorb the sorrow of the Earth as a power-up. Views Read Edit View history. Jadakings creeping up in the background and attacking Mera. One day, they release Akumako, an imp who was sealed in a vase left behind by their father. Cut to several months after the final battle in space.

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Daraku himself claims that the gefou who he calls Miss Piggy, another pork pun in action came to him for the drugs out of her own free will. Sleepy and Don Cheech finally arrive outside the 9Front to help out, but since everyone else is inside dealing with the final problem themselves, they decide to wait outside and do what they do best: These three are of that category.

The combination of the two 21 a ring to it, so I saved it for this finale. However, Jadakings rises up from unconsciousness, horror movie villain-style, and attacks Mera, only for Kai to step in and hold Jadakings off. After all, his fate was ignored in favor of tying up the plot threads involving Jadakings, leaving enough room for interpretation on whether he died or not.


Ano Hino o Tegami Dai Sakusen! This utterly badass pose almost makes up for the episode 9 debacle.

As it turns out, all the members of the Yorozuya are at the house of a distinguished government official, one whose family heritage goes all the way back to the formation of the former Shogunate. Patience and a faster computer.

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Kuroha Diana Shiratori ties up guys and puts bondage hoods on them before cutting off their Johnnies. On the contrary, so is Jadakings. With that annoyance out of the way, Kenji heads into the Great Bronze Bell to meet back up with Tsubaki and save her from Himika. His vulnerability to anger also proves how pathetic he truly is.

Gedou Otome Tai tells the story of the five Hokke sisters, who were abandoned by their now-deceased parents, and live in perpetual poverty. Operation Voice Actors Debut! But as it turns out, he ends up going inside a Shibuyan department store known as 9Front. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Confirmed as of episode 11, where Aimi is in her super suit and Kaoruko is not.

The next morning, Kaoruko in her Love Pheromone getupAnne Ant, and Sekiman, who is riding a helicopter bicycle powered by rockets…. However, it takes a while for the spirits to come forth, so the Build Base continues to pick off the now-considered-useless Yomi Soldiers one by one, each through their own efforts.

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