Since it was film in But I really enjoyed watching the girl I loved totally thinking 79 was last A place for reflection and introspection, communication and thoughtful conversation. No,that was the ending of Season 1. The last episode was an opening for a second eason that will never come! I think this is a problem with Netflix’s getting distribution rights, and not having the whole production available.

He’s a total annoyance and took up too much screen time. It is inexcusable that the show ended in such a manner! Her acting really made me dislike her. Mine should have had a sexual relationship with Timur and should have been a few weeks pregnant when Sinan came back into her life. I just finished watching it and am so disappointed it stopped at episode Who shot Sinan, and who is the mother? As I have written here previously, the Turkish TV series industry is fiercely competitive and the rating system is uncompromising as to dictating the fate of the shows that progress to multi-season hits.

Lemonia 26 August at Mine has become a woman. He brought nothing to the story whatsoever in my mind.

While the viewer based rating system is no news for televisions everywhere, with Turkey being no exception, I still think the ending was incomplete and even offensive to the viewer who stayed with the show until the end. Darlene 28 November at Well said, what does a grown man want with a 17 year old anyway. I wonder if they can make epixode spin-off.

Timur has a teenage daughter, Merve Ilayda Alisan who resents Mine moving in and who proceeds to make life difficult for her. Sinan is still a kid.


And I found him much easier on the eyes than I found Sinan. Its so gross and creepy. So her choice is clear. Yes, disappointed that it ended on a cliff hanger, but totally get why it went the route it did. Timur was so selfish he didn’t care about anyone, but himself.

I love Turkish serials but the ending of most of them is very disappointing. I really enjoyed this Turkish drama.

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ahbato I’ve lived to be 55 and not see these two kiss Would love to see Season two. Unknown 24 January at Poor Sinan I think it was either his Father or Derin. I just loved this show. Give us a Season 2! Mine belonged with Sinan. Why did they kill Sinan in the end and why did Timur’s wife appeared on eppisode last minute of a 79 episodes show reversing everything that happened from the beginning???

And the most normal thinking characters in the entire show, lol!! Season 2 is in me. Sinan was so immature and annoying!!

I totally agree with you! Unknown 2 July at I thought the actor who played Sinan was absolutely handsome and took my breath away each time he came on screen. Timur represented exactly that, so it makes sense that she gravitated more towards him in the end.

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ginal That’s interesting that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Have you visited my other blogs? Also, Sinan should have been played by a different actor. And what was the bloke Memo up to? Unknown 4 September at You may be interested to look at these posts too: I guess we can make up our own ending. I have some memories of having seen this production before Netflix got it, and it continues developing these issues.


Whereas Sinan remained the love struck kid infatuated with a romantic dream.


Mine is in love with Sinan Hakan Kurtasa young man from a rich family. I stopped liking the character of Timur and even felt upset at Mine – how could her big love change?? Funda started off as an apparently intelligent young woman and I just could not see how any intelligent woman could fall for such a clownish boy like Erdal. Unknown 3 July at I will just write my own in which Sinan recovers and reunites with Mine and his son and have all the happiness that he so richly deserves.

I is sad to say that I was truely disappointed withthis ending.

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Timur was that Man! Valeria S 12 March at I totally loved all the steps he made towards claiming his son. Nobody from the production team new it will end?! If there is no Season 2 they should release the screen play for viewers to see the ending.