Well aside from the obvious that Taku was Cyan Pile; it got real with that accident; nice to see Kuroyukihime jealous; and that confession was great also. Her poor suffering and struggling to live on. Odd censoring choice there at least on vizanime stream of it but How is a car accident, specifically the car, censored, yet someone bleeding profusely isnt? When Haru break when he saw the photo some tears were in my eyes He said that opinion and that made her sad. Finally the camera in the spoiler reminded of the above again. Finally, it piqued my interest again. GIF are done as extras in the club:

That face is going to be crushed. Alternative way to learn Japanese. The censoring was done at the source. The Burst link battle to save KuroYuki. Accel World Episode 4 Discussi That’s why he showed evil smile at the end? Oh and indeed i never thought of Taku being Cyan Pile, i had a feeling he was up to something but not this.

Its nice to be proud of it But don’t pull it out in public and wave it in other’s faces Kyurem Black. PG – Teens 13 or older Suatu hari di musim gugur tahunHaruyuki Arita bertemu dengan Kuroyukihime, gadis tercantik di sekolahnya.

You are hereAccel World.

Her poor suffering and struggling to live on. Sebagai murid SMA yang sering dijahili, pertemuan itu mengubah hidupnya.

Accel World Episode 4

I see what they did with the car crash scene. It was always hurtful of seeing such drama of not only confessing love but of courage in protecting that love the instant the confession was made. She’s probably just in a coma after that avcel and God knows when she will wake up.


He said that opinion and that made her sad. BBCode “In both love and octopus-hunting, you have to take the initiative! Finally, it piqued my interest again. If she is anyway harmed or ends up losing her powers and gives up on Haru, this will be too much.

The most intimidating place for a girl in the whole world. Is Taku an ass? Learn Japanese with anime. He literally has to get screamed at and slapped by KuroYuki to stop his sniveling. I really hated Haru this episode, so wrapped up in himself that he became an epic asshole BBCode Ajimecrazy don’t feed the trolls! He would also look suspicious. That being said about animecrazzy confession and accident, one can see a profound emotional impact and rather well placed elements with a godly BGM that perhaps was best for its type.

Kuroyukihime likes him, not using him. Best Japanese subtitle provider. Accel world, you make you bring your manga version shame. Like he knows it’s there but he is waiting to find out who uses it.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. The slap in the spoiler had much more meaning and drama than the manga. Totally obvious reveal is obvious BUT that “car accident” thing was something else! So it was that childhood friend guy from another school is the enemy. It does not compare even.


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It was so strong after all this watching. That face is going to be crushed. Everything decent on Kitsunekko is on animelon.

That was shown really well here. It was still making me tear. But animecfazy the confession of love and then the car accident. Anime transcript in Japanese and English for studying. Love WcDonald The episode more than made up for last weeks episode. BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Apr 27, Best episode so far – incredibly emotional, got me completely invested in the story.

Also keep in mind that he has been the victim of bullying for some time now and that has an impact on how you feel about yourself. Seeing Kuro jealous was sooo cute specially when she keep walking faster and faster.

Looking forward to their fight. Can people be under the control of someone else in this neuro link world?

Everything is just perfect expect the BGM during the physical full burst