Miss Raine Kip Gamblin With intervention from Sammy, Aaron decides to tell the truth in court and Christian is allowed to remain at the Academy. Christian visits Tara who invites him back to spend the holidays on the farm despite her dating Ben. Full Cast and Crew. Tara tries to forget about her recent kiss with Ethan so she can focus on her exams. Tara shows genuine emotion during her performance, imagining Sammy helping her perform, and she receives a standing ovation and emotional responses from everyone, including Grace. Christian’s friend Aaron reveals the truth about the robbery they both committed. Christian calls Tara after finding Kat upset and she leaves a Company performance to comfort her friend.

She heads to New York, where Kat is starring as a fairy in a show, to audition there but faces further rejection. After everyone celebrates Christian’s 18th birthday on Observatory Hill, Abigail convinces Tara to compete in the Prix again, telling her she’ll help her practice, while Ben says that he’ll take Sammy’s place in the competition, as he was third behind Sammy and Michael. Sammy decides that he has to work out his feelings, but tells Christian all is good between them. After the second-year dancers become hostile and make sarcastic remarks to Saskia, she resigns and heads home to Perth. Abigail, having trouble with Zach’s practice, is sought by Finn, the producer of the musical Ethan was initially choreographing, and new director Mistii, who both pretend to be planning to cast a ditzy blonde Mistii in the lead role. Saskia and Ben fill the gap with a performance of the Black Swan but Saskia deliberately falls and runs off stage. Grace and Abigail fall out as friends, so Grace schemes to bring Tara on her side by breaking both hers and Tara’s pointe shoes to make it look as if Abigail is against both of them and jealous. Tara has been training in rehab and is able to return to the Academy, but is frightened she will again injure herself.

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Fpisode and Abigail fall out as friends, so Grace schemes to bring Tara on her side by breaking both hers and Tara’s pointe shoes to make it look as if Abigail is against both of them and jealous. Tara gets an MRI scan from a non-academy doctor, who tells her she has cracked a bone in her spine, and not to do any high-strain activities—like dancing.

After the first-years flour bomb the second-years in the middle of the night, both years become competitive acaddemy schedule a hip hop dance-off. Start your free trial. Kat is disappointed when the film hires Grace as her dancing double but the two girls end up bonding over their mutual insecurities.

However, her focus is on Christian, who is her new boyfriend. Sammy becomes jealous and starts to think he might have feelings for Christian. It is revealed that Kat and Abigail were once childhood best friends until they were 11 episoee old, when Kat decided that she was a rebel and abandoned Abigail for becoming too serious about ballet.


His dad later gives him a surfboard acxdemy well as his phone number. Retrieved from ” https: Tara is throwing Abigail her first birthday party, while Christian still has not enrolled or even shown up to the Academy.

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Christian and Ethan see each other as friendly rivals seaaon become competitive. She agrees to teach the first years for a week.

Waiting backstage, Abigail kisses Ethan and then performs the solo he has choreographed for her. Tara educates Kat in every aspect of the art form of crushes.

Lieberman informs Sammy that until his grades improve he’s grounded. Sammy, still in dire straits financially and having learned that he has failed all of his exams, says he will call his father for financial support. Saskia and Ben fill the gap with a performance of the Black Swan but Acavemy deliberately falls and runs off stage.

Kat quickly tries to help him get episodw his “peoplephobic” behaviour after his confrontation with Academy teacher Patrick.

In the end, he chooses teaching. The episode ends with Kat having made new friends, Sammy giving Ben a talking to about his personality and how his words could offend people, and Ben receiving a proper party with all the students attending. An injury means Ollie has to pull out of the festival so he accompanies Rhys to the wrap party; Rhys is disappointed that he seems more interested in networking but arranges for him to sing in front of the crew.

Full Cast and Crew. Sammy is forced to tutor Abigail in English, but Abigail decides that she’s not smart enough and copies her essay off the internet. Christian invites her to dance along within reason of her injury and he tells her that they’ll take things slow, hinting at a possible relationship re-igniting between the two.

Love and War

Sammy recruits Ollie’s help, saying he is the best hip-hop dancer at the academy, while both years practice their moves and throw parties the second-years’ party being quiet and relaxed compared to the first-years’ upbeat dance party with glowsticks and a hot tub.

Abigail cannot convince her therapist to let her return to ballet classes after her breakdown the previous semester. Christian visits his father, and the two talk about Christian’s mother.

Tara arrives at the Academy and finds out that she is considered the acdaemy dancer there. The Academy’s performance of The Nutcracker is quickly approaching, and Tara continues to practice for her dance solo in Act 2. Sir Jeffrey dancw resigns as musical director, leaving Rebecca in charge. Retrieved 18 July Ethan is offered the chance dane choreographing a fringe musicalfor which he recruits Abigail, who also practices singing for the role.


Raine’s boyfriend while she was a student and company dancer at the Academy, comes to the Academy to help the second year students. Tara is seen performing by Madeline and offered a position in the company, with Ollie taking her place performing with Ben.

To determine which is more important, with Sammy’s help, Tara makes a list of pros and cons about Ethan. In anger, Christian breaks up with Tara. Tara, Ben, and Grace rehearse for Giselle. Upset that she left just as they were about to move in together, Christian breaks up with her. Dancce the second-year students attend Sammy’s funeral, Miss Raine announces that the Prix de Fonteyn will be delayed for a week, that the production of Peter Pan is cancelled, and that absences will be excused.

Kat begins filming for the movie, in which she has been cast as the lead. Christian is unresponsive to Tara’s calls, and skips class the next day with Kat who is struggling with her own exams, having skipped school ac3 entertain kids at a fairy -themed birthday party, leaving Abigail to do her routine with Sammy, who accidentally lets her fall, causing even more mayhem.

Kat avoids Christian and Tara and gets an audition, then an interview and finally accepted to be a part of the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Dance Academy is an Academj children’s television drama. Tara, whose attitude has been influenced by Grace, drunkenly confronts Christian and Kat at the party, and tries to kiss Ben, but ends up throwing up and being given advice by Miss Raine.

Grace eventually reveals the reason she left the Royal Ballet School in London was because she caused another girl to have a nervous breakdown and tells Abigail she “do[es]n’t care about being the best”.

Kat asks Miss Raine if she can come back to the academy, and continues pestering her until she begrudgingly relents—but tells Kat that she must repeat first year as she failed; in the meantime, Ethan assigns Abigail to train Kat for readmission as payment for choreographing her solo. Christian goes to his court hearing for the store robbery, and when Aaron returns, Christian decides to alter his story to protect him.

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Grace is considered for a place on tour but loses out on both the tour spot and a place in the gala when the girl she was replacing returns unexpectedly. Before the eventual showdown at which the second-years winOllie and Sammy kiss.

Ethan and Kat’s father, Sebastian Karamakov, arrives to direct the Academy’s end of year production, The Nutcrackerputting pressure on all the students to audition and compete for roles.