Of course, the ultimate test for the right choice is how the sunglasses feel and look on your nose. If you have any questions, just contact our customer support via the local telephone number or contact our staff directly in one of our two Hamburg stores. Customer relationships to improve 0. Until the middle of the 19th century, the so-called double glasses introduced to the market by the Englishman John Richardson in enjoyed undeniable popularity. And that’s what Edel-Optics is all about. For businesses We are hiring! Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Whether for general leisure or outdoor sports:

We will also gladly help you with the ordering process, with the handling of returns or with other questions that you would like to ask. Sign up with email. On Critizr, the director will read and respond to you! Unlike their classical relatives, polarized sunglasses offer the opportunity to mitigate or immensely reduce these reflections. If the UV light hits the retina unfiltered, it can have health consequences. In general, you can have your prescription sunglasses made with original shade and gradient lenses.

Mirrored glasses look casual and cool, without disregarding the contemporary aspect. In closed rooms, they remain transparent, while they wrap themselves in a “darker robe” in the blazing sun. Whether for general leisure or outdoor sports: On Critizr, the director will read and respond to you! If you want to buy sunglasses online at an affordable pricewe are the right people to contact. Our service As every person has individual face features and shapes with different characteristics, you should always try on several models before making a final decision.


And of course, sunglasses offer you the opportunity to contribute exciting contrasts to your appearance. Don’t hesitate zartrouville call us at. Sign up with email. Apart from that, the tinting in sunglasses ensures a glare-free view. This makes purchasing a real visual treat.

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Snowdon – 05B Tom Ford. What types of sunglasses are available? After all, there are reasons why actors, singers and celebrities make extensive use of this accessory.

It feels good and is an important safety factor on the road or on the slopes. However, there are other factors, apart from the face shape, which are decisive regarding what sunglasses suit you. Jacob – 01P Tom Ford.


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As you can see we have everything you need for xinema sunny day. But even so, eyewear should basically suit your personality and not look artificial — to ensure that you feel good. GU – 28C Guess. Dimitry – 01P Tom Ford. P – B Porsche Design. If you have an acute cknema emergency” and need the right xinema for the beach party at the weekend, you can order via express delivery and get your sunglasses on the next working day. Green protective glasses could be folded in front of the actual lenses.

Many eyeglass wearers also want to equip their new affordable sunglasses with prescription lenses. It took some time, however, until the first specimens of early sunglasses came into circulation. Are they the sunglasses with round-shaped lenses? But it was not only in eyeglass frames that the coloured lenses were used, which appeared to be particularly popular in China. Which sunglasses suit me?