Retrieved 16 November Horror is no more just fictional. After one year of the launch of Fear Files, Sony Entertainment Television launched ‘Bhoot Aya’ produced by Cinetek Telefilms which is again based on paranormal experiences. This time the season failed to gain TRP ratings. Stay Updated with Us. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Apart from this, basic story-telling is also a challenge. Singh for Sony Entertainment Television.

The Third Coming of Horror. Once in November , second time in February and third time in June Koi Hai adds, “There is a great belief in the country on the existence of the supernatural. It’s not that they suddenly started liking horror. While everyone agrees that the wide range of cultures and religions in the country has helped in its success, some add that Indians’ susceptibility to superstitions works in its favour. Sweta Kaushal of Hindustan Times stated, “The new episode of Aahat season 6 does not scare at all and lives up to all the comic cliches that Indian horror shows have been following till date.

Dahshat Ki Pocs Dastak English: The season aired on Saturday nights, each story being shown in a single episode. Those days are long gone. Ajay, Pooja and Nisha’s larger-than-life romance rattled all our hearts 20 years ago. Unlike other horror shows, Ringa Ringa attempts to show a longer story, build on the characters more strongly and portray the relationships involved. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Shekhar Banerjee of Madison Media explains, “The genres keep dying and getting revived.


Retrieved aagat April Bollywood horror movies, as per few, work better than horror TV shows because movies in theatre give that kind of scary atmosphere.

In Pakistan, it was aired on A-Plus Entertainment.

Horror as a genre is also thrilling. The makers of horror shows believe that it helps since the stories are inspired by real life incidents. It’s amazing how television content genres display comeback stories of their own.

This time the season managed to gain high TRP ratings and was declared a hit. It’s just a matter lics time and innovation. Horror is no more just fictional.

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After one year of the launch of Fear Files, Sony Entertainment Television launched ‘Bhoot Aya’ produced by Cinetek Telefilms which is again based on paranormal experiences. Anything that is relatable with the audiences will work better. When there are too many shows on a single genre, saturation creeps in and the audience stops watching it for some time. After about 40 episodes with the same theme, one episode with a supernatural theme was made and when audiences for the series rose sharply, it made the switch.

The challenge hence is to make horrog screenplay, stick to the facts, stick to real life incidents and still create engaging viewing – otherwise it becomes a documentary. SAB TV is rumoured to be launching another comedy-horror soon.

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Shaktimaan 20 years ago was when the first Indian superhero on television made our lives infinitely more awesome. As you bring in, here’s a little list of things that came into our lives 20 years ago Sujit Pattnaik and Tanmoy Ghosh won Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects in[11] while Himanshu, Yogen and Kamal were nominated for the same category of the same award in andhowever, winning in Airtel and Hotstar announce strategic partnership Digital.


All these shows were popular amongst audiences and each of them ran longer than three years. Many stories on the internet or local newspapers often lead to a good screenplay, like the stories on Fear Aaahat and Bhoot Aya, which are fictionalised versions of true stories.

We were as involved in Horrkr joys and sorrows, her successes and failures as pretty much everyone we knew – very. Apart from this, basic story-telling is also a challenge. And, if the channels make a sweet success story out of fear.

Retrieved 17 June But, there is surely a twist in the trend. Depending on paranormal activities and ghost investigation, the story revolves around how a father saves his daughter from Rose – the antagonist.

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