Episode 4 by Regals. But everyone stares at them oddly as they walk into the cafeteria. That boy has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen. They’re very similar on the surface, but Hulu pulls in much more recent TV content. I absolutely agree that Seung-Jo need a good dose of jealousy, and that’s also going to give Duckie a chance to step up on his game. Oh great job PK writers, you haven’t let me down. Ami September 26, at

Nory Ellis September 26, at Mariah’s World Season 1 Episode. They’re gonna do that youtube 7 mini eps thing in Nov. I agree, I had the same feeling. She could easily only be the “perfectly sweet stalker girl with the patience of a god” character, but she’s also the girl who danced around in the upstairs living room trying not to make any noise because the boy she loves has just chosen the same college as her. Emma September 27, at 5: So I can’t wait how would they tackle from here on

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I wonder if they’ll make another season if this has only 16 episodes. Mag September 27, at 2: I thought this section called “Almost Hard” was really funny. Mgc4 best live TV streaming service: Where Mzriha Ni is uncertain, you toughen her up It’s just my order of doing things: This drama is getting better and better. I thought it was just me noticing subtle shifts in expressions on KHJ’s face and making up wild interpretations on them LOL.


Since Hulu’s new service is still in beta, and its pricing scheme is a little complicated, we’re sticking with Sling TV for our recommendation, for now. Also, the run-in with the gangsters, in the TW ver. I saw it too.


I agree that some jealousy and uncertainty would be good for the boy, but this episode was a pretty big milestone for him. Anonymous September 27, at 1: Can’t wait for ep 9.

And while you can stream on up to five different devices at once, there’s a complex set of rules depending on if you’re using a mobile device, PlayStation console, or a streaming box like a Roku or Apple TV. But in this episode, I had no complaints. If you’re willing to subscribe to more than one streaming service, and you can live without a few channels or TV shows, then you can stitch together a small collection of apps that get you much of what you give up with cable — most likely for less money.

Hulu’s live TV service is in beta — and the company says to intends to expand the service — so let’s give you a quick intro: I am sucker forpoilers but don’t want to spoil for others I’m usually a main couple supporter, but I always feel so sad that the other characters can’t fall in love with someone else Having everything in the palm of your hand?

I like how the story goes, not too melodramatic, but very sweet and light. Jbc4 Ellis September 26, at mcb4 Episode 6 by Helcat.


When they walk in, they see why. Heehee and jungsomin is awesomely cute.

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You can access the beta within the regular Hulu app, if your device is compatible. Seung-jo and Ha-ni vs. I like Duckie who change himself bit by bit for Ha Ni.

Phil Little Witty September 26, at Marihx digging post-hair cut Duckie more than SJ at this point. Conversation powered by Livefyre. SeungJo really knows how to melt one’s heart with his smile. Later that night, Ha-ni keeps an eagle eye on He-ra, who is about to make her move.

She looks down in disappointment, then throws a glare at Kyung-soo. So glad to know that at least Girlfriday and Javabeans are now slowly getting into this story just as much as we all are The hair and the tired eyes make him more real and more man, not just a typical pretty face, i like the new rugged look too. Duckie’s character seems interesting though — especially now that he started to change his image – would be nice if Hani would take episoxes second look at duckie — to the point that it he becomes a “threat” or make Seungjo insecure too.