Now, his farak padta hai comes too late, confusing and hurting her. She had refused to apologize, especially to him. Everything about this dance sequence is brilliant, but I particularly love it when Hari Prakash faints in the background. The day began with them running into each other… rather her looking for her ring and him coming and crashing into her, not paying attention to where he was heading. When she looks back, as she always looks back, he lets her see everything. For a while, they burn together. Khushi is too upset, too flustered, to concentrate on placing the ring on her finger, and it refuses to go on.

Posted 5 years ago. He saw her walking away…. He snatches the phone away… holds it in his hand away from her reach… his eyes boring into her… his voice throbbing with an emotion too hard to explain. His regret and his silent apology are clear in his eyes. Watch the episode here. He knows she loves him.

A knock on the door… he was almost about to throw the ring away. Arnav Singh Raizada, untethered It takes merely six words to completely shatter him, to turn the world upside down and sever his connection with it. But she was still smarting from her own pain from Isspyzarkokyanaamdoon. When Anjali hints at Payal-ji, Akash remembers her rejection. But his smile slips away when he remembers that this is not his future. Watch the episode here.

Buaji calls Khushi and does a lot of emotional talk and issoyaarkokyanaamdoon her to get the ring. She accuses Khushi of not being happy with the marriage just because she, Bua-ji, arranged it. He cannot take it, her defying him.

Tagged with myipkkndrewatch iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ipkknd. Mujhe farak padta hai dammit…. Arnav drops the ring and it epispde to the entrance of his room, where Anjali picks it up. Simple Things theme by Dan Hauk.


She had refused to apologize, especially to him. This time, Arnav sees her distress and watches her carefully, eyes flicking over her face, as she gathers herself. Khushi goes back to Arnav, who is about to throw the ring away in anger, asking him what he wants.


And isspyaarkokyanaamsoon the game has been switched to the next gear — his anger pushes up a notch. It takes merely six words to completely shatter him, to turn the world upside down and sever his connection with it. She is his to do what he pleases to. Aapko isse kya farak padta hai… what difference does it make to you?

Isspyaarkokyaanaamdoon a while, they burn together. She asks Khushi what her parents would think if they were still alive, and if Khushi would behave like this if they had arranged her marriage. Di offers her best wishes and leaves.

It hurt as much the second time as it did the first. Anjali walks in and whisks Khushi away.

Arnav learns about the engagement

The music mirrored the hopelessness and hollowness he felt. He watches her walk away, furious.

And a suffocating silence settles in as his heart plunges… She is engaged?!! If this is about today morning, then you know very well that I was not at fault. He caught her by the shoulders gruffly, in that way which he always does….

Tumne mujhe batana zaroori nahi samjha? For a second, he forgets everything – she fits in so seamlessly with his family that the scene looks like a delicious glimpse of the future.

Arnav comes downstairs, muttering about the noise, and drops his phone when he sees what his family is up to. And she was not ready to give in and drop her defenses.

He snatches the phone away… holds it in his hand away from her reach… his eyes boring into her… his voice throbbing with an emotion too hard to explain. Find all the recaps here. Oh what a convoluted mess of emotions! She pursued him after the poolside to hear it, but he systematically destroyed everything that encounter meant to her.

Khushi hurriedly wipes her tears and turns to Anjali, while Arnav turns away and tries to put himself back together. Today, Nani, Lavanya, and Anjali use a different tactic to keep Khushi with them – Lavanya needs to learn to make tonic for sore throats. Still not wanting to give in to the emotions and feelings, still trying to stand strong and question him.


It pained her the most to see him like this — vulnerable, lost. He stands there alone… unable to breathe, unable to look at her. Posted 5 years ago 39 214 ipkkndiss pyaar ko kya naam doonipkknd episode analysisarnav singh raizadakhushi kumari guptabarun sobti.

Arnav smiles throughout his speech – he thinks this an extension of their special brand of angry-flirting. Khushi is trying her best to choke her tears as she sees his reaction. How could he just give away the ring after all that she said to him epiisode morning? Anjali excitedly talks about her own engagement and asks Khushi to tell her everything, not noticing how uncharacteristically quiet both Khushi and Arnav are.

But this was not the best scene of the episode… it was yet to come. Khushi is completely broken from inside, humiliated beyond belief. Her epiaode hit him like a fist to his gut. One of my favourite things about this show is how the foundation for everything we see in until Shyam finally leaves is laid out in the first 20 or so episodes.

Episodw exchange a look, she silently communicating how helpless she isspyaarkoktanaamdoon and him resigning himself to the situation with a sigh. Di wants to know what makes the ring so special for Khushi… he turns around to look at her… and she says it again… its my engagement ring.

Annoyed, Arnav tells her that she has to apologise while holding her ears, usually a punishment reserved for children.